Electroplating & Finishes

Many products require multiple different processes to achieve the required finish desired. Preparation is of utmost importance and this can include multiple processes depending on the type of material one is plating. We use strict controls throughout our facility ensuring all our different baths are always running at optimum performance. Maintenance and filtration of all our baths are maintained each and every day in order to deliver the highest quality required. 

We specialise in plating all brass and copper items as well as Classic Car Components whether it is pewter or Zinc die cast and have strived to achieve top quality finishes especially catering for Classic Cars, Harley Davidson and various other high end industries. 

We offer Brass and Copper Plating for those who want to restore old Brass or Copper components back to a high lustre.
Nickle Plating is a beautiful soft looking finish which we mainly do for the Bathroom Industry which includes Victorian Taps, Vanity Stands as well as basin stands and all Bathroom Accessories as well.


Chrome is a very special finish which not only offers a bright high lustre finish but also offers protection to various different materials exposed to the elements. We pride ourselves in offering top quality Chrome Plating to all our customers. 

Non-conductive items such as plastic, leather ,wax , fibreglass, etc we can plate and we specialize in the bronzing of baby shoes and Custom Trophy’s.

An Example on a vintage car ashtray being restored

Aluminum Exhaust Ends
Fibreglass Austin Healy Bumpers
Plastic Air Intake
Nickle Plated Bronze
Harley Tank Console
Harley Tank Console
Harley Tank Console

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